Western Reserve Controls Relay Board, 1781-A24A, S/M 96073941, S/S96073931 Used

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img{max-width:100%}Title: Western Reserve Controls Relay Board, 1781-A24A, S/M 96073941, S/S96073931 Used Description:Our Internal Stock # L27-1                               (11-15-18 dale BB) You are about to purchase the following item: 1 - Western Reserve Controls Relay Board, 1781-A24A, S/M 96073941, S/S96073931 Used Catalog # 1781-A24AS/S 96073931S/M 96073941This unit was taken Directly from Working Service. Is Being Sold in GOOD WORKING Condition.Full 30 day return privilege if found defective (freight prepaid by buyer)Due to some items having multiple quantities, Pictures may be representative of your item. To see a picture of the ACTUAL item you will be receiving, please email us and we will promptly send you a picture of your specific item.SAVE BIG $ $ $ $ $ WHEN YOU PURCHASE OUR INVENTORY.Payment & Shipping Info:Shipping Info:Shipping is based on buyers location; please use shipping calculator to determine the correct shipping cost to your destination.Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping fees incurred, unless otherwise noted. We ship worldwide at great rates!Send us a message if you have a question about shipping your item.All items that are bought and paid for before 3 PM Eastern Time will enjoy Same Day Handling and will likely be shipped out immediately. WE DO NOT CHARGE PACKAGING OR HANDLING FEES on items that can be shipped VIA UPS***We recommend that you contact us for correct shipping prices for large items, and shipping destinations out side of the Continental USA. Rates are subject to change and contacting us will ensure buyer receives purchased item with the correct shipping terms.***We know that when someone buys an item from us, there is an urgency to receive that item. Therefore we strive to Pack and Ship the same day payment has cleared.All items are also available for pick up in person.Return Policy:Full 30 day return privilege, unless item it marked “SOLD AS IS”. For returns, freight must be pre-paid by the buyer.Customer satisfaction is our main goal. If you are unsatisfied with any item you purchase, LET US KNOW, and we will be willing to either replace it or reimburse you for the total cost of what you paid.Payment:PayPal is our preferred method of payment. If you have a question on payment options, please feel free to call us.CUSTOMER SERVICE IS OUR MAIN GOAL: We leave positive feedback for ALL of our buyers. Please do the same for us. If you feel we deserve less than a perfect rating or 5 star DSR score, please contact us so we can both have an excellent experience with your transaction!If you have an item for sale and would be of interest to us, please feel free to contact us.

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